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How does the artificial grass compare to a real grass lawn?

Artificial grass requires no maintenance yet looks as great as a well-kept lawn. This ensures that your time is spent relaxing and not on maintaining your garden.

Do you offer an installation service?

We have an experienced team that can install your artificial grass for you. To discuss your needs, give us a call on 01633 740616 or email us.

What if my garden is an odd shape?

The grass is available in 4m and 2m roll widths and is available in any length meaning that the size and shape of your garden doesn't matter.

How long does the artificial grass last?

The grass is unaffected by the elements and is also water resistant and UV stabilised. A well maintained surface could last well over 20 years. Our grass comes with a 5 year warranty.

What about maintenance?

The artificial grass is truly maintenance free, you just need to remove debris and leaves to maintain and enjoy a beautiful garden for many years. You never need to water, mow or roll your garden.

How does water affect the grass?

The grass has a holed backing allowing water to drain straight through. Rain water naturally cleans the grass and removes any accumulation of dust and dirt.

Is any weeding required after installation?

Generally no although small weeds may appear which can easily be removed.

Can you park a vehicle on artifical grass?


Pet Friendly Surfaces

Is it dog friendly?

Absolutely. The grass has a strong latex backing. We also lightly sand the surface after installation to cover the backing and add further protection.

What if a cat or dog soils the surface?

Like a normal lawn you would pick up any large peices and the samll particles will wash down through the grass when it rains. Urine will not discolour the grass.

Do smells remain in the grass?

Any sediment drains away when it rains so the grass naturally cleans itself.

Child Friendly Play Surfaces

Is the artificial grass safe for children?

Yes, we have surfaces that differ in pile height. The taller the pile the softer the lawn or you may choose a short pile surface for ball games. We also have surfaces that have a soft, smooth feel that do not burn the children if they slide. Tufted surfaces are good for children as the tuft acts like a shock pad which cushions a child's fall.

Do you need a shock pad?

No, you may need one if you are fitting a very short pile grass to a hard floor such as concrete.

Does the surface get warm in direct sunlight?

The surface can get warm but you will find walking on the astro turf in bare feet is comfortable.

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